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Mine Tour

Mine Tour creates a cross-border link between two cities, which are connected by a common mining past. Technical mining heritage in Labin is supplemented with natural mining heritage in Litija. In this way, visitors can enjoy a rich experience above and below the ground. By visiting both locations, you will  learn about the rich cultural, architectural and industrial heritage of the mine in Labin, as well as the natural heritage of the underground parts of the mine in Litija.


Mine Labin

The high steel tower Šoht started to operate in 1940 when the production in Cave Labin began. The height of the mine tower Šoht is 32.50 m, whereas the depth of the vertical trench is 570 m.

Mine Sitarjevec Litija

The Sitarjevec mine is one of the largest and richest ore deposit in Slovenia. In it, they dug a lead and mercury ore, as well as some zinc, copper, iron and barite ores.

Mining Heritage

The rich mining heritage of Labin and Litija is presented through a comprehensive collection of mining objects, geological and mining maps, written documentation, old postcards, photographs and films from the archives of HRT and RTV, which show the development of mining in both cities. An archive overview of the collected documentation is prepared along with new findings on the mining heritage of the two mines, and selected materials are presented in a digitized form.




About the Project

MINE TOUR addresses the challenge of the untapped tourist potential of the mining heritage to the marginal areas of the program area, namely the natural monument of the Sitarjevec mine in Litija and the cultural monument Šoht in Labin, which are in poor condition and there is a lack of cross-border promotion and cooperation between actors at national and cross-border level. It is necessary to improve the knowledge of tourism stakeholders on the principles of sustainable tourism and better heritage management. The project aims to actively preserve the mining heritage by developing new sustainable cross-border tourism products.

The MINE TOUR project is co-financed by the ERDF funds.



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